Surround yourself with a MODERN sense of community at the center of a CLASSIC New England city.

Whether you choose to stay home and enjoy all the community amenities available at Ainslie Square or you want to venture forth to take advantage of everything that is so easy to get to, you will adore the location of your new home.

How Convenient Is It?

Food & Fun

  • Stamford Downtown, 2 min drive — World class entertainment, shopping and nightlife
  • Ridgeway Shopping Center, 3 min drive — Starbucks, Staples, Old Navy, Bed Bath and Beyond and LA Fitness
  • Newfield Shopping and ShopRite, 2 min drive
  • Hope Street shopping district, 1 min drive
  • Scalzi Park, 5 min drive


  • NYC, 1 hr drive
  • Greenwich CT, 15 min drive
  • Darien CT, 5 min drive
  • New Haven CT, 1 hr drive
  • Beaches at Cove Island Park, 12 min drive


  • Westchester County Airport 24 min drive
  • LaGuardia  and JFK Airports, 1 hr drive
  • I-95, 6 minute drive
  • Amtrak/Metro North – Glenbrook Station, 2 min drive, 15 min walk
  • Merritt Parkway, 10 min drive


  • Stamford Hospital, 9 min drive
  • Tully Health Center,  2 min drive


  • University of Connecticut Stamford Campus, 5 min drive

custom map of ainslie square community

Take the CLASSIC first step in a place that was designed for MODERN life.